What are First/Pre walker baby shoes?
First/Pre Walker shoes are usually the first pair of shoes for your baby or toddlers. They are soft-soled, flexible and lightweight, as recommended by Podiatrists and Paediatricians. First & Pre Walker toddler shoes should be flat, without an arch support, while your toddler learns to walk and toddle. Keeping your toddler's feet completely flat with a soft sole helps stimulate neurones in the brain which aids cognitive and motor skill development.

When do I need to buy Pre / First Walker shoes?
Babies typically start standing, crawling and 'cruising' around furniture (walking with the aid of chairs and tables) around the 6-8 month mark, although this does vary greatly from child to child. A baby can start wearing pre-walking shoes any time, as long as they are made from natural materials and are flexible and light-weight without any restriction. Many parents like the idea of keeping baby's feet warm, protecting little toes and offering a non-slip grip during the 'cruising' phase.

Is there a benefit to my baby wearing pre-walker shoes?
Wearing soft soled, pre-walking shoes made from natural materials will protect and support your baby in taking their first steps. This is due to pre-walking shoes being designed with a soft, flexible sole that allows babies to 'feel' the ground, developing cognitive and motor skills. Pre-walking baby shoes offer protection for little toes and feet against the hot ground or unsafe terrains. Wearing pre-walking shoes will help to keep their little feet clean and avoids cuts and infections.

SKEANIE First / Pre Walking shoes for toddlers are barefoot designed and Podiatry approved, the slip on the foot and many designs offer a hook and look closure to adjust the fit. SKEANIE shoes feature a wide  toe box which allows free toe movement, helping with cognitive and motor skill development. SKEANIE shoes are made from leather, are flexible and have a soft sole, making them the best pre-walking baby shoes available.

When it comes to pre-walker and first walker shoes for your baby, less is best. SKEANIE shoes mimic the barefoot walking which assists growth and development. View our pre and first walker range!

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