Looking to protect your little one's feet as they begin to explore the world around them? Our first / pre-walker baby shoes (also referred to as pre-stride, crib, first walker shoes or pre-walking shoes) are designed for babies and toddlers who are just starting to take their first steps. These adorable pre-walker baby shoes are the perfect companion for your little one as they embark on their journey of exploring the world. Designed with utmost care and consideration, these shoes provide essential protection for their developing feet.

Created with a barefoot design, with soft, flexible soles and a non-slip grip, our pre-walker/first walker shoes allow babies & toddlers to ‘feel’ the ground as they walk and crawl, thus stimulating and developing important sensory and motor skills. It’s a great way to give your child the very best start.  With our pre-walker/first walker shoes, babies and toddlers can experience the world in a whole new way. The barefoot design, soft and flexible soles, and non-slip grip allow them to truly 'feel' the ground, stimulating and developing their sensory and motor skills.

Our pre/first walker shoes are soft, lightweight, and ideal for children with autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. The wide toe design provides ample room for movement. In many designs, the shoe's back is elasticised, allowing for expansion throughout the day.

Take a look through our collection today at https://skeanie.com.au/collections/first-pre-walker-shoes.

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